Simple Museum Mount for Hanging Kimono

Simple Museum Mount for Hanging Kimono

Hello Again, I’ve brought you some pictures of a simple mount for hanging our kimonos. It’s a 2″ round, 53″ long piece of clear plexiglass. On either end you see a single small hole drill 2″ in from the end of the tube. These holes go over L screws that just screw into the wall. This may be obvious, but be sure that the holes are drilled in line with each other or it won’t go on the wall correctly or evenly. You can hang the object at this point and in many cases you’d be fine, but notice the red coated wire. This has been very handy for pushing the collar of the garment into the correct presentable position. The metal will bend and hold its position while the plastic coating parents the metal from coming in contact with the object.


(Good luck!)

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