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You can roll the dice or find it here first. This is a place to go when deciding on a product or solution. Try it, test it, solve it, and put it through its paces. Then come here and tell everyone about it; successful or not.

Go Behind the Scenes with Creative Director in an Interactive Installation Workshop

Hello MuseumTrade community. I thought this was an insightful interview. Many of us don’t get ...[Read More]

Public Surplus Resource – Flat Files, Bookshelves, Chairs, Paints, Projectors, Computers, & More

HI All, Just a quick link to a fantastic resource. If you’re looking for second-hand supplies ...[Read More]

Science Museum Tips: On Partnering with Researchers

EXHIBIT TIPS FROM AROUND THE WORLD This is an extended version of an article that appeared in the Ja...[Read More]

Fitness Tracking for Elephant Welfare

Here’s an interesting take on wildlife welfare. It demonstrates promising results and may have...[Read More]

TEST POST – Visitor Signage at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego

Here are a couple of pictures I took at the museum to help those with young visitors understand the ...[Read More]

Needed Research: Test Spray Adhesive Qualities

We use spray adhesive to bond 60 lb. or 80 lb. paper to 4 ply mat board.  We had used 3M’s sup...[Read More]

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