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For Who

This site is dedicated to getting the job done in fresh and beautiful ways.

It’s a cross disciplinary environment for those in the Museum Trade.

Preparators et al

Preparators, Installers, and Technicians: Enhance each other with tips, materials, and vendors, Get a better, more beautiful product, Newbies ramp up quicker.

Designers & Educators

Share your techniques, Find new ways to contextualize your exhibits, Share your interactives for all types of content, nerd out on fonts and title wall designs.

Directors & Managers

Cut down on training time, Maintain high standards, Institutional knowledge retained, A repository for the revolving activities you do over and over.


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Origin Story

Museum Trade was born from the love of working in museums. It started over a dozen years ago when two guys found themselves riffing on both simple and outlandish solutions to preparator issues while on the installation crew (late nights, long hours, you get the picture). These two guys riffed over and over again through the years until one day it was decided that these crazy ideas and our preparator knowledge couldn’t be contained in our heads any longer, it should be archived, shared, and amplified. We hope that others feel the same.

Your ordinary is someone's epiphany

Some of us have worked in museums for 20, 30, 40 years. Others two, three, or four, while some of you may just be starting out. No idea is too small, no technique is too obvious. Trade here. Learn here.

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