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Art Museum

Buying a Custom Sized Cardboard Tube to Roll a Canvas Painting in Art Museum

Hi Museum Trade Trbe, We were recently faced with the prospect of having to roll up a giant painting nine feet by 32 feet. I'm not looking forward to it,…

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How-to: Strengthen your Mitered Frame Corners with Easy Splines

You've seen these I'm sure. Little keyed pieces of wood on the four corners of frames. They're called splines, or splined miter joints. Just knowing what they are called is…

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How to Repurpose a Crate for Artwork that Travels

In this article Sean outlines a fine method for making the most out of what gets shipped out. Along the way he introduces us to

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Stained Glass hanging with rail and cable

In the summer of 2021 I was gifted a Arakawa art rail system from a Museum Trade reader give-away. At the same time I knew a friend wanted a stained…

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VIDEO REVIEW: Cedar Rapids Museum of Art Getting the Work Ready for the Exhibit

Hello Trade Folk, Here’s a little behind the scenes for opening up crates, condition reporting, laying out the art, and hanging techniques. There’s a pretty wide swath of activities in…

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