Tools of the Trade

Tools of the Trade

Here are our heavy guns, the aircraft carriers of the art installer world.  We bring these suckers with us when we go into battle.  Yeah, it’s a war analogy because as the years go by I remember installers I’ve worked with and it’s a feeling like we’ve been in the shit together and somehow found it through to the opening.  Amigos for life indeed, but I digress until I can devote a full post on the subject later.IMG_8489

The table is pretty simple; MDF, 2″x6″s, 2″x4″s and varnish.  Don’t forget the varnish, it makes it so nice and last such much longer.  Also, don’t forget some cross bracing in the middle for a big 4’x8′ table.  On our mini 3’x4′ table we went without bracing.  Don’t do all this work and put cheap wheels on, they will either not lock well, roll true, or squeek horribly.  This should be expected to last 10-15 years really so invest now.  Yes, do get lockable casters.  Oh, yeah, if you’ve never purchase wheels like this before you’ll want to use the search term ‘caster’ not wheel.IMG_8490

The tool cart has it all, I literally would be hard pressed to name everything on it.  It has built by a museum professional who had made one for her museum (v 1.0) and I asked her to build a second for us (v 2.0).  LD Designs really thought through all the needs of the installer, hopefully the pictures do it justice.IMG_8491

There are so many fun things that we build for ourselves, that’s it for today, stay tuned…

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  1. Beautiful work Leigh. A classic enduring design. Still love it to this day!

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