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Wrapping Ornate Frame for Short Distance Transport

We had to find a way to quickly wrap an old painting with its ornate frame for a 4 hour road trip. The frame extends beyond the main body of the frame and this was our challenge- how do we wrap the work so it puts the least amount of pressure on the frame? We didn’t want to ride the work flat as this old canvas would not appreciate bouncing up and down, and just putting foam along the bottom would still put undue pressure on the frame. So what did we end up doing? We used hot glue to hold the long strips of foam with a cutout large enough for the main body of the frame to fit through. This allowed us to float the delicate edges that protrude downward. The sides then wrap around the edges of the foam, then….

2560 1920 Matt Isble
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  • That’s a whole lotta work for a 4 hour trip and back, but hey, that’s what it takes right? We’re charged with the protection of these objects during our lifetime and we do what it takes. It’s not always quick and it’s not always cheap.

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