Winner Revealed for the Summer 2021 Article Series [BONUS Tip at the End]


For those of you who prefer to read or can’t use volume right now, the transcript is below:


Hey, everybody. Thanks for contributing to the survey, it was close for a while and one clearly took the survey in the end. It was great that everybody had their own sort of take on it and everybody kind of had their own passion, we’ll do another one. For now, the summer series is chosen, and I hope you’ll join me in contributing and writing your parts and putting it all together on MuseumTrade and getting all of us better together. Let’s get all the ideas, get all of them together in one place. Then we’ll just keep moving on and then we won’t have to reinvent the wheel. All right, so without further ado, this year’s summer series…. What are the types of hanger? I thought I’d start off with this cleat, the other side of the cleat is on the other side complete with blue tape so it doesn’t stick to the wall. We put our catalogue ped here, but instead of rescrewing holes every six months, we sometimes don’t have the catalog… and this way we keep one cleat going forever. So there’s the first one and I look forward to a summer full of articles, and ideas, and all of you, and I’ll see then…

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