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Picking Wall Colors: One Way to Determine Wall Colors

Picking Wall Colors: One Way to Determine Wall Colors

A quick post illustrating one method for choosing wall colors. For this gallery we will be picking three of these colors. We set an assortment of the typical works to be featured in the show. It helps to put everything on white foam board. Also, be sure to take final choices into the gallery to truly see what the natural and artificial light does to the chips. The difference can be dramatic. 


Matt Isble

I have more than seventeen years of professional development in the area of exhibit design and installation, working for a variety of institutions and private clientele from Carmel California to Portland Oregon. I received my masters degree in Museum Studies with an emphasis in education and interpretation from John F. Kennedy University. In my current capacity at the Crocker Art Museum I direct the exhibition design and work with both the curatorial and education departments to create engaging museum experiences for visitors. Specialties include: Exhibition design, project management, chief preparator, lighting design, volunteer coordination, and facilities management.

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