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Arakawa, Beautiful Cable Hanging System for Glass Shelves

Arakawa, Beautiful Cable Hanging System for Glass Shelves

This cable system can be used in any type of museum.  It’s elegant and strong.  Next time I might go for a solid rod style system, which Arakawa may indeed have, as the cable can sway a bit.  Probably want to avoid the cable seem in earthquake prone areas.  On the very positive side, it is very easy to install and feels very secure when finished.  The reps are very helpful and the product comes quickly.  It’s all upside on the practicality front.  One additional downside is the price.  You might be surprised at how much a little piece of stainless steel can cost, but when you consider how long it will last, it’s reasonable.FullSizeRender 19 FullSizeRender 10 FullSizeRender 7

Matt Isble

I have more than seventeen years of professional development in the area of exhibit design and installation, working for a variety of institutions and private clientele from Carmel California to Portland Oregon. I received my masters degree in Museum Studies with an emphasis in education and interpretation from John F. Kennedy University. In my current capacity at the Crocker Art Museum I direct the exhibition design and work with both the curatorial and education departments to create engaging museum experiences for visitors. Specialties include: Exhibition design, project management, chief preparator, lighting design, volunteer coordination, and facilities management.

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