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Painting Walls without Streaks Using a Latex Extender Solution

Painting Walls without Streaks Using a Latex Extender Solution

We’ve had issues with streaking in out paint jobs.  It’s not always obvious, sometimes it depends on the light, sometimes you need to be an installer to see it, but none the less it’s bothersome. I doesn’t matter how wet we leave out edge, we’d get a consistent streak evenly spaced across the wall. If you really fly and stay thick and wet it can be lessened, but thick paint can lead to thick texture and we don’t want that either. FYI, we’re usually using 3/8″ naps to keep a low wall texture, but we’ve tried going to 1/2″ to see if that alleviated the issue.Latex Extender Bottle

Our paint supplier suggested trying this latex extender solution called XIM Latex X-Tender, but then they changed their product line and now deal M-1 (A Sunnyside Quality Product), they work the same and  a lot of companies make something similar. I thought it might just be one of those extras they try to sell you just to get a little up-sell on the purchase, but I like my guys and trusted their thoughts on my issue. Yep, it worked like a charm. we started out using 4 ounces per gallon with instant results, but I’m thinking of going up to 5 ounces on the next job and analyze the difference. The product suggests two to six ounces per gallon. The only thing I haven’t done is taken a with and without shot to illustrate the difference. Have you? Are there other similar products that we should be trying?

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