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Painting a Large Field of Cases in a Tight Space

Hello Everyone,

Have you ever had to paint just a massive field of peds or cases? Do it all the time you say? Yeah it happens and here’s a picture of it. This is more of a Preparator Culture type of article, but I mention just a few things here. You’ll notice the 2″ blue tape at the top of the baseboard (a routed 1/4″ channel, 4.5″ up). In 2014 we started converting all our peds and cases over to a white semi-gloss baseboard. We think it looks better, number one, and saves a lot of time, number two, and is harder wearing, number three. We just add this blue tape “shelf” and it protects the white from paint drips. If I might make a suggestion on the cardboard that covers the floor. Try using the same paint side each time, leaving the backside smooth and less harsh on your floors. If you have to pull up your cardboard before all the drips have dried you’d of course want to put the wet paint surfaces face to face and unstick them down the road. Otherwise we like to collect them so the paint sides are all facing the same direction, making layout of of cardboard next time quicker and easier. That’s it. Do you have some pictures of your fields of peds and cases or other moments paint project?Paint a Field of Cases 2

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