One Way to Improve a Security Hardware Tool

One Way to Improve a Security Hardware Tool

Hi All,

Have you ever scraped the wall wheel taking a secured painting on or off the wall? Then you have to clean or touch up the wall to make it look good again, right? No more, this is a quick little solution to improve your security tool.

Simply wrap the tool with 2″ blue tape, the metal will no longer scuff the wall and the tape is just a bit slick so it will glide smoothly. We use 2″ tape because it has more coverage, two pieces of 1″ tape runs the risk of overlapping and creating a bulky bump, that wouldn’t be the end of the world, but hey we want the best we can get and we don’t always have a lot of time to get it. You may want to just wrap one around so the tape it as thin as possible so you can get into those tight spaces.  Pictured here you’ll see we ended up going twice around. We’d probably change that, but for now we’ll leave well enough alone until it needs to get changed out. Additionally, you will of course want to keep the back side über smooth, you’ll notice a small wrinkle on the backside of this one. It should be fine and will burnish down with use, but do what you can to keep it flat flat flat.

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