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Needed Research: Test Spray Adhesive Qualities

Needed Research: Test Spray Adhesive Qualities

We use spray adhesive to bond 60 lb. or 80 lb. paper to 4 ply mat board.  We had used 3M’s super 77 for a long time, but wanted to branch out for cost reason, 3M can cost upwards of 3 times the amount of competitors.  Under ideal conditions I think most spray adhesives (given that they are designed for paper materials, all are not necessarily so) will perform well.  The trick comes when  you have an influx of hot or cold temperatures or high and low humidities.  Additionally, how do theses sprays hold up over 5 or 10 years?  Has anyone taken on such research?  Even if not completely inclusive, we’d love to hear of your results and perhaps see some pictures of the process?

Further research: the different adhering qualities of black and non-black mat boards.


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