So you get it done, beautifully.

I came across this today and the concept could be applied to other artists physically in the gallery.  Additionally if your institution owns a Picasso, then you could install an iPad with this site running.  Anyway, it’s a fun concept that can be extended in many ways.

Picassohead, a digital tool that allows users to create their own masterpieces using famous features drawn by Picasso, is a creation of award-winning digital agency RFI Studios and global public relations company Ruder Finn. In addition to being a popular tool used by students and teachers internationally to learn about art and promote creativity, Picassohead is also a nod to Ruder Finn’s longstanding admiration of art and artists. When co-founder and art aficionado David Finn began his company in the 1940s, his original goal was to bring art into corporations, and strengthen ties between the business and creative worlds. Though Ruder Finn quickly expanded and came to encompass vast areas of expertise in other industries, this was the beginning of a long history between Ruder Finn and art. Currently the firm still maintains an Arts consultancy in its Manhattan headquarters.


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