Easy Museum Interactive Using Custom Plastic Puzzle

Easy Museum Interactive Using Custom Plastic Puzzle

Hello MT Community,

Here’s a very basic interactive for your museum: a plastic puzzle using a custom image of the artwork.What we’ve provided for our visitors is an opportunity to sit and relax, helping them make it though our large museum. And here they can also spend quality time with a work of art. We all know how briefly people pass by individual paintings (bonus points for anyone who can add a comment below about any formal or informal study they’ve conducted at their institution). Puzzle Interactive for PaintingThis interactive can engage visitors in looking deeply at all aspects of the painting, noticing things they had not caught upon their first glance. This type of puzzle can be bought online, with a 11×14″ version costing between $30 and $50. And your education department could definitely make use of it after the run of the show. Just be sure that you’ve identified the right type of art for this project, looking especially for complexity and depth. The end result? Visitors that are engaged and recharged. Maybe they’ll even look at that next painting a little bit longer?Puzzle Interactive Directions

Puzzle Ineteractive

This may not break new ground but it’s a highly functional project to pull out of the museum professional’s box of tricks. Please feel free to also cover something that you might think of as basic, too. Your ordinary is going to be someone else’s epiphany.


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