Art Packers Hot Glue Gun Caddy on the Go

Art Packers Hot Glue Gun Caddy on the Go

We had Ship Art International here the other day to crate our Claire Falkenstein and they whipped out this caddy for a 3M industrial strength low temperature glue gun and its glue sticks.  Quick and dirty design, but effective and makes use of discarded materials most of us have around. Many thanks to Clay and Julie for letting me share this with all of you. By the way, if you haven’t already, you should invest in a glue gun like this. Not only does it have high output, but the low temperature won’t melt your material which could render the glue useless as it melts and recesses into the foam block (or whatever you’re working with). How about all of you, where do you keep you hot glue gun?

Hot Glue Gun Caddy


3M Scotch Weld Hot Melt Applicator Model Image

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