A Cool Way to Fold a Box

A Cool Way to Fold a Box

Hi All, this one speaks loudest from it’s images. It’s fairly simple to make, does anyone out there already have a template for this style of box? We should start a section dedicated templates for folded goods. The wee thing was only about 12″ tall by 6″ square. Notice how the lid folds over on itself, that’s key for holding some of this together. Once the lid comes off the front is made up of one continuous flap with a couple mini flaps that create closed corners when folded. When the long continuous flap come down the foam pieces can be carefully and better yet, easily pulled out. We place the foam pieces in reverse order as they came out so it’s easy to put them back the back the same way. In this case it would be hard to replace the foam  in the wrong way; they were marked pretty well. That’s it. I would recommend making this box to anyone. What types of boxes do you make and why?

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