Tip for Painting Baseboards on Pedestals or Cases

Tip for Painting Baseboards on Pedestals or Cases

When we opened the building all pedestals had the body color as its baseboard color.  We’ve been moving away from this for both aesthetic and practical purposes.  Using a semi-gloss on the baseboard ware better as visitors crash into them on a daily basis.  In the past we had put the reds up on what we called “stickers” (2 pieces of trim board) to get them 3/4″ off the ground.  Then we’d rock the per back and forth to paint around the stickers.  But what we if could avoid bending over so much and avoid the rocking around the stickers?  Welcome to the era of the big bag cover.  After painting the body the bag is placed over and taped down in just the right place.  We then use a small brush to get into the 1/4″ routed channel, then follow up with 2-3 coats of paint.  Easy and nice and fast.  The plastic is reusable and lives in the paint closet.  Enjoy!

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