So you get it done, beautifully.


detail of art piece

How to Hang Work in an Art Museum or Art Gallery

I feel that this subject needs some attention. I've been focused on weird one-off solutions to everyday problems, but maybe a solid article on how to hang work in an…

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2560 1920 Matt Isble

INSTRUCTIONS: How to Handle Ruth Asawa’s Hanging Metal Works

  Ruth Asawa's works are popular for a reason, they are ethereal and beautiful. They are also fragile due to the nature of being woven metal. She has provided and…

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1829 2560 Matt Isble

Arakawa, Beautiful Cable Hanging System for Glass Shelves

This cable system can be used in any type of museum.  It's elegant and strong.  Next time I might go for a solid rod style system, which Arakawa may indeed…

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1920 2560 Matt Isble