Your walls are torn up after pulling nails, screws, and bolts. Don’t let those bumpy-ugly walls rule your world. Isasink helps you keep your walls beautifully smooth with ease…

– Designed & Milled in California –


  •  1 bare Isasink tool (2.5″ x .5″)
  •  1 pack of moldable silicone to customize your grip
  •   to be the hero.

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The Pros Say:

“Isasink is a simple design with impact. It makes the patch job all that much easier and neater. Thank you Musuem Trade for your awesomeness.” – Joe Bun Keo

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The Problem

Too often folks would pull nails and screws out of the wall, then spackle right over the paper and debris that comes out. This leaves your walls looking like they’re in the middle of pimple puberty. Show after show it adds up and just gets worse.

Other methods either leave irregular depressions, or you have to stress out that weird muscle in your upper arm to sink sometimes hundreds of holes.

Stop the madness, get the Isasink and easily maintain perfectly smooth walls in your museum. You’re the hero.

The Solution

With Isasink by your side all you need is a little tap to keep your walls flat. Just a little tap with your hammer and the Isasink will give you the perfect depression on the wall for your spackle or wall putty. See the video below for a quick overview.

It’s tailored to YOUR hand and tough enough to be covered by a lifetime guarantee. Isasink is with every handler, preparator, installer, or museum technician for life.


The Isasink comes with a lifetime guarantee. This tailored baby will outlast you. Use the included moldable silicone and create the perfect grip for YOUR hand. Open the pack, knead the contents for a couple of minutes (best with an old pair of nitriles), shape it to your hand, then let it cure for 24 hours. Cool right?! See the video below and watch how easy it is.


How to Use Isasink


How to Tailor Isasink

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Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 7 × 1 in

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  1. petermaize

    A very useful tool. Simple, and easy to use.

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