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One Prototyping Form for an Art Museum Interactive and its Result

I thought I’d take a moment to share the tool we used to develop two interactives in our galleries. The attached document was used by four groups of (three people per group) and the result was shared the entire group plus a few upper management staff. We whittled the ideas down to two (InSight and Arts and Letters) and then installed them in the gallery. Unfortunately I don’t have the prototype form used for the Arts and Letters interactive. Below you will see the CAD drawings for the interactive and I think they tell the story, but feel free to comment with any questions. We have not done any evaluation on this interactive, but we restock the blank forms regularly.
FAST- Copy FAST-3D-1 FAST-3D-2 FAST-3D-3 FAST-3D-4 FAST-3D-5 Fast-InSight-Shelf-1 Fast-InSight-Shelf-2 Fast-InSight-Shelf-3 Fast-InSight-Shelf-4 Fast-InSight-Shelf-5Blank Interactive Prototyping Form
InSight Prototype Form_Page_1 InSight Prototype Form_Page_2 InSight Prototype Form_Page_3 InSight Prototype Form_Page_4

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