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Mounting DIY Exhibits – Materials from the Small Museum Association Conference

Hello Museum Trade Folk, Susan shared a treasure trove of goodies with us, thank you Susan. There are five PDFs from the Small Museums Association Conference presentation about how mounting DIY exhibits for small museums. Let’s dive right in, the first PDF is the over arching plan for the presentation. I wonder if Susan took an pix from the workshop section, that would be a fantastic addition – magnets, vinyl and labels oh my.


Here’s the meat of it, 52 pages of goodness. Look at how they transformed this place! Excellent transformation of your exhibition space you guys!


A nice one page take away summary to remind you of all the major milestones and things to keep in mind.


Ah yes, resources and vendors. This is prime stuff here. If you’re near Delaware, some of these could be gold for you. At the very least just know some of the key terms and phrases here could help you find something similar in your area.


Similarly, here’s a solid list of tools and supplies for museum pros. I will point out, that stocks new items all the time. Give a look when you’re ready to buy, or just looking for inspiration. I go right to the manufactures and find solid materials that are geared for museum pros like us. No fancy brand names that you pay extra for, just good stuff that works.


Wasn’t that amazing, please comment below or ping her personally to thank her. That was a lot of work to put together. Thank you for sharing Susan. You can do the same. It doesn’t have to be as large as this, but there is a trick up your sleeve that can help the community. Please consider sharing today, this week, this month, Soon!

It’s easy, here’s the Contribution Page.

All My Best ya’ll



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