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Zoo Conservation

Fitness Tracking for Elephant Welfare

Here's an interesting take on wildlife welfare. It demonstrates promising results and may have implications for other animal habitats.     Credit: Kerry Klein/KVPR Back in 2012, she wore a…

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Effective and Funny Zoo Signage, Send Me Yours

In the study The Effect of Humor on Advertising Comprehension they find that "Prior investigations of the impact of humor on advertising message comprehension have generally found humorous commercials to be no more…

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ZooLex is a Robust Resource for the Zoo Professional

It looks like the site was designed in the 90s, the site could use some major updating, but the content is there.  Particularly fun is the gallery of zoos.  They break…

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TEST POST – Visitor Signage at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego

Here are a couple of pictures I took at the museum to help those with young visitors understand the museum's expectation and how they advertise the FREE for those under…

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