So you get it done, beautifully.


Stained Glass hanging with rail and cable

In the summer of 2021 I was gifted a Arakawa art rail system from a Museum Trade reader give-away. At the same time I knew a friend wanted a stained…

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1080 1080 Sean Harrison

VIDEO REVIEW: Cedar Rapids Museum of Art Getting the Work Ready for the Exhibit

Hello Trade Folk, Here’s a little behind the scenes for opening up crates, condition reporting, laying out the art, and hanging techniques. There’s a pretty wide swath of activities in…

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2556 1341 Matt Isble

Do Not Touch Signage Example at LACMA

  Yeah, Mr. MC Hammer said it best "You can't touch this!". How do you Do Not Touch? It's an uphill battle, always. I was fortunate to get a tour…

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custom vinyl letters

Custom Vinyl Letters for the Title Wall in Our Museum [Including a Failure]

  Hi Everyone, I'm pretty sure this will be interesting to all experience levels. I turned up the volume and sped-up video (like 500 or 1,000 times faster) on the…

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1586 1858 Matt Isble

Art Preparator & Art Handler Training Video: Succinct and Useful

Hi Museum Trade Folk, The Western Australian Museum put this video together and wow did they pack a ton into 5 minutes and 25 seconds. It certainly does not cover…

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