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Custom Vinyl Letters for the Title Wall in Our Museum [Including a Failure]


Hi Everyone,

I’m pretty sure this will be interesting to all experience levels. I turned up the volume and sped-up video (like 500 or 1,000 times faster) on the hours-long vinyl letter installation for our Elsa Rady title wall at the Crocker Art Museum. I actually had to talk pretty quickly on the Voiceover and there were a few tips I missed, but I’ll do more of these so you can get every last drop of knowledge out of this brain. Don’t worry, there are a ton of tips throughout Please do leave your comments below. Did you like this, love this, have a tip…. Feel free to make any special requests for future videos. I’ll put up everything I know. After 20+ years I kind of forget what I didn’t know way back when. That said, there is Sooooo much I still don’t know. I love this job, I’m always learning new things or heck, inventing things to “get er done”. MuseumTrade.org is always looking for your tips and tricks AND so is the rest of the preparator, handler, and technician community. Please please please consider a contribution so we can all get better together. Your ordinary is someone’s epiphany. Share on MuseumTrade and blow someone’s mind today.


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