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The Battle Between Beautiful Terrazzo Floors and the Casework that Lay Upon it

Imagine pools of wax swooshing around on the floor, moving this way and that, usually in the dead of...[Read More]

Here’s a Test Kit to Determine the Best Adhesive Vinyl for Your Textured Walls

We found this on, but we’re guessing other places sell this as well. If you’...[Read More]

One Way to Encourage (Demand) that Nothing is Stacked on Your Crate

You can  spray paint the message all you want, but you’ll never know, with one hundred percent...[Read More]

Adhesion Fundamentals – Tapes, Seals, Etc.

Did you know that packing tape requires pressure to fully adhere? It’s a pressure sensitu=ive ...[Read More]

How to Paint a Sun Mural for a Solar Focused Exhibit at the Children’s Museum of Richmond

Here’s a quick time-lapse about how to paint a large sun on the wall dating back to 2009. This...[Read More]

Art Packers Hot Glue Gun Caddy on the Go

We had Ship Art International here the other day to crate our Claire Falkenstein and they whipped ou...[Read More]

Rigging and Installing Richard Serra’s Delineator at MOMA

This story was covered by MOMA’s website, but I think Museum Trade is a great place to land al...[Read More]

Cy Twombly’s Very Large TREATISE ON THE VEIL Being Installed in Time-Lapse

The time-lapse format is always fun, but I think we can gain insight as well.  If you have an instal...[Read More]

Founding of Industrial Scale Fabrication of Art, Donald Lippincott was a True Pioneer

Large Scale: Lippincott Inc. by Jonathan Lippincott Before Lippincott, Inc. was founded in 1966, art...[Read More]

How Do You Do Not Touch? Here’s One Way of Making Labels and Signage to Help Visitors Understand

If you’ve seen it once, you’ve seen it a thousand times; Visitors molesting the objects ...[Read More]

How to Install Wall Mounted Shelves with a Semi-Hidden Metal Mount for Ceramic Pots

Insert copy here:           These “Design Resources” are a series of short articles inte...[Read More]

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