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I hear that not all casters are created the same, what are the pros and cons of the different types?

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Mount Makin

Can we start a page where everyone puts up their mounts?

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What type of wood and foam should be used for crating

I’d love some detailed thoughts on woods to use and woods to avoid in making crates for both 2D and 3D objects. Same goes for foam, I’m sure by nature it’s an acidic product, but which is least offensive. Is there a good hardness level one should look for in a foam. Like if I were to buy just one type of foam blocking, what should I buy. And where?

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We got a grant to publish a small catalog for an artist retrospective. No idea how to start, can someone cover the broad strokes as well as the finer points?

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Book reviews?

It would be nice if you guys reviewed books about being a courier. Are there even any books about this?

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