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Roger Murray Discussing Helmet Mount – 2015 International Mountmakers Forum in London

This is a nice video regarding the difficulty and solutions involved in making a mount strong enough to hold up a helmet, but simple and gentle enough to support its…

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How to Install Wall Mounted Shelves with a Semi-Hidden Metal Mount for Ceramic Pots

Insert copy here:           These "Design Resources" are a series of short articles intended to provide designers with evidence-based information to address issues currently not covered in…

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The Dinosaurs Arrive and Unload at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

This is a fun little video and demonstrates how these creatures are wrapped and rigged.  Not as much about final placement, but there are a couple jacks and lifts I…

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Simple Security Mount for 3D Art Object

Nothing groundbreaking to see here, but sometimes simplicity can be revelatory. We wanted to make this rolling table by the artist Barbara Spring a little *less* rolling. Some monofilament and…

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Simple Museum Mount for Hanging Kimono

Hello Again, I've brought you some pictures of a simple mount for hanging our kimonos. It's a 2" round, 53" long piece of clear plexiglass. On either end you see…

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