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How to Hang Work in an Art Museum or Art Gallery

I feel that this subject needs some attention. I've been focused on weird one-off solutions to everyday problems, but maybe a solid article on how to hang work in an…

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2560 1920 Matt Isble

How We Made a Label a Little More Accessible to Read

Label placement can be tough sometimes. Have you ever had to change its color or redesign the layout because you realized that there wasn't room for the label or that…

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2560 1920 Matt Isble

How Our Museum Faced the Challenge of a Case Without Space for Object Labels

[vc_column width="1/3"] The Case The Labels The Layout The Install The Failure Next Time Before and After Building the Case [vc_column width="1/3"][vc_column width="1/3"]   The Cases Hey there, museum trade-folk,…

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1920 2560 Matt Isble

Portlandia Nails Labels, It’s Time to Label Your Life!

Hi All, Are you guilty of labeling your life? Have you cut vinyl from scraps from work for your flour and sugar jars, or made labels for art on your…

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2560 1397 Dean Carbonara

Needed Research: Test Spray Adhesive Qualities

We use spray adhesive to bond 60 lb. or 80 lb. paper to 4 ply mat board.  We had used 3M's super 77 for a long time, but wanted to…

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