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Science Museum Tips: On Planning Traveling Exhibitions


This is an extended version of an article that appeared in the January/February 2014 issue of ASTC’s Dimensions magazine


When designing an exhibition, it’s wise to take into consideration from day one whether or not it will be traveling, particularly internationally. Making sure an exhibition can be installed and dismantled easily, allowing flexibility for low doors and ceilings, keeping the number of trucks or shipping containers low, knowing the type of electricity technological components will require, and being mindful of the manpower and maintenance the exhibition needs are all paramount to its long-term success on the road. Additionally, once an exhibition is on the road, working with global partners to create strategic tour routes in particular regions can benefit everyone by saving money as well as wear and tear. An exhibition designed with these things in mind from the beginning stands a far better chance of being enjoyed all around the globe for many years!

Tom Zaller, president and CEO, Imagine Exhibitions, Inc., Atlanta, Georgia

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