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3 years ago 2 Comments

  DO YOUR WALLS HAVE A SMALL REVEAL AT THE BOTTOM? HERE’S A PAINTING TIP FOR QUICK AND QUALITY COVERAGE.   Whether you like it or not sometimes we all have to paint walls. If you are lucky enough to be in a building or expansion that is relatively new you just might have a small reveal at the bottom of the wall instead of a fancy baseboard moulding (see pictures). If this applies to you then you’re in luck and can utilize this easy tip. Using an extension pole and normal paint set up, simply load your roller cover with paint so there is no excess dripping. Then flip the roller so the metal rod that articulates the paint roller is facing down and resting on the ground (tarp). Now apply light pressure and begin rolling horizontally along the bottom of the wall letting the rod rest on the ground and act as a stop to prevent getting paint on the floor.  I usually do this to the entire length of the tarp first, then you can paint as usual with long even vertical strokes and not have to worry about slowing down at the bottom to avoid accidentally tapping your roller onto the debris filled tarp.  This tip also prevents missing small spots when completely changing colors. Also helps when feathering in the same color to eliminate all foot scuffs that may have been overlooked if you hadn’t. Hope this makes sense with the pictures.

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