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Pitfalls of Using Printable Adhesive Vinyl

Hello Tradefolk, Here’s a story about a product that I love very much, but it can be fussy. I&...[Read More]

Options for Installing a Label on a Pedestal or Case

Here are a few option for installing labels on pedestals.  It can be difficult to read a label when ...[Read More]

Ikea Couches Look Nice in a Gallery

Hi Everyone, No, I don’t work for Ikea, but hey do donate a certain amount to our education pr...[Read More]

Simple Museum Mount for Hanging Kimono

Hello Again, I’ve brought you some pictures of a simple mount for hanging our kimonos. It̵...[Read More]

Tools of the Trade

Here are our heavy guns, the aircraft carriers of the art installer world.  We bring these suckers w...[Read More]

Mount Making for a Flowing Ceramic Sculpture

As you can see from the pictures below, we were faced with a difficult installation. This piece is m...[Read More]

Tip for Painting Baseboards on Pedestals or Cases

When we opened the building all pedestals had the body color as its baseboard color.  We’ve be...[Read More]

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