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Buying a Custom Sized Cardboard Tube to Roll a Canvas Painting in Art Museum

Hi Museum Trade Trbe, We were recently faced with the prospect of having to roll up a giant painting nine feet by 32 feet. I'm not looking forward to it,…

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Mounting DIY Exhibits – Materials from the Small Museum Association Conference

Hello Museum Trade Folk, Susan shared a treasure trove of goodies with us, thank you Susan. There are five PDFs from the Small Museums Association Conference presentation about how mounting…

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How to Use a Viking Arm to Wrangle Crates When a Pallet Jack Won’t Do the Trick

I've been meaning to drop a note your way about a specialty tool I've been using, it's called Viking Arm (videos at bottom). I initially bought two ($200 an arm)…

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Ever-Growing List of Awesome Books for Museum Handlers, Designers, Technicians, and Preparators

Hi Everyone, is committed to compiling all the tips, tricks, successes, and yes, failures from museum pros into one searchable database. But sometimes the answers just lie in…

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