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Mounts & Care

Ever-Growing List of Awesome Books for Museum Handlers, Designers, Technicians, and Preparators

Hi Everyone, is committed to compiling all the tips, tricks, successes, and yes, failures from museum pros into one searchable database. But sometimes the answers just lie in…

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Art Preparator & Art Handler Training Video: Succinct and Useful

Hi Museum Trade Folk, The Western Australian Museum put this video together and wow did they pack a ton into 5 minutes and 25 seconds. It certainly does not cover…

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How-To: Resources for Basket Mounts

Historic baskets are both highly functional and highly artistic creations. They show incredible skill by the weaver, but they also tell us about larger community life. Baskets illuminate stories about…

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How to Make A Support Mount for a Bowl

Hi Gang,We can across this nice Using strips of mat board as a templating material, I laid out the fair curves of the proposed mount along the strongest parts of…

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Silicone Mold Making, Resin and Foam Casting Tutorials

If you're ready to get into these types of mold making you've probably already watched 12 videos in anticipation of the project. For those of you who have always liked…

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