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Discover new ways to contextualize an exhibit, share and be exposed to new interactive ideas, concepts, and techniques. From title wall designs to paint colors to lighting; design is huge part of what we do.

Mounting DIY Exhibits – Materials from the Small Museum Association Conference

Hello Museum Trade Folk, Susan shared a treasure trove of goodies with us, thank you Susan. There are five PDFs from the Small Museums Association Conference presentation about how mounting…

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Ever-Growing List of Awesome Books for Museum Handlers, Designers, Technicians, and Preparators

Hi Everyone, is committed to compiling all the tips, tricks, successes, and yes, failures from museum pros into one searchable database. But sometimes the answers just lie in…

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How to Repurpose a Crate for Artwork that Travels

In this article Sean outlines a fine method for making the most out of what gets shipped out. Along the way he introduces us to

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1536 2048 Sean Harrison

REVIEW: Micca Speck Series – G2, G3, & 4K

A regularly updated review of the Micca Speck video players. All of them, the G2, G3, and 4K versions reviewed, compared, and contrasted. Spoiler alert, I've been using the Micca…

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detail of art piece

How to Hang Work in an Art Museum or Art Gallery

I feel that this subject needs some attention. I've been focused on weird one-off solutions to everyday problems, but maybe a solid article on how to hang work in an…

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