Diane Burk

I'm a seasoned award-winning museum design professional with more than 30 years experience as Graphic Designer/Art Director at the Exploratorium. With an expertise in interactive exhibits, my work includes exhibition and event design, identity and systems design, visitor research, and art direction. As a visitor/user-centric designer, I've collaborated closely with exhibit developers, curators, scientists, artists, and content experts. As an art director I've hosted an ongoing design forum to promote mentoring, inspiration, critical thinking and collaboration in my design department. I recently returned from a yearlong around the world Design Sabbatical, exploring all the ways that communication arts intersect with real environments and direct experience. See my blog "Design to Go". As an artist I practice collage as an alternative way to explore the relationship between word and image. To keep my sanity, I play accordion and I'm a Taoist Tai Chi instructor.

We take plywood for granted, but since the 1850’s it has literally shaped contemporary design. ̶...[Read More]

Four photos; of two museum preparators installing three Duane Hanson figures. The three Hanson sculp...[Read More]

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