Are You Stuck?


Hi preparators, designers, technicians, installers, and handlers, so you want to contribute, but where do you start? Here are a few guiding ideas to get the juices flowing.

Keep this in mind and take it to heart, Your ordinary work activity WILL be someone’s epiphany. You will blow someone’s mind, guaranteed.

Please share every subtle detail about your world. No idea is too small! Remember, pictures and video go a LONG way in bringing this home.


  • What recent project are you most proud of?
  • What problem did you overcome?
  • What’s something that did NOT work?
  • What is your favorite tool for XYorZ?
  • Did you test or make an excellent interactive?
  • Did you learn a new trick to solve a perennial problem?
  • What material or product do you love for XYorZ?
  • Do you love your recent title wall design or wall color?
  • READY? now click back and share away…

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