Your Opinion: Do You prefer the Painted or Unpainted Baseboards on Pedestals and Cases

Your Opinion: Do You prefer the Painted or Unpainted Baseboards on Pedestals and Cases

What do all of you think?  Originally we went with things painted all the same, through and through.  I think it was both an aesthetic decision as well as pragmatic. We had $750,000 worth of case work done all at the same time for our 125,000 square foot expansion, and some things needed to be economized.

A few years later we had a ped/case intensive exhibition of origami work and it struck me that the ped/case furniture would feel more at home if they matched the building’s architecture. So we are slowly moving them into a semi-gloss bottom as opportunities present themselves.  Since we have these two styles occasionally coexisting, I thought I’d give all of you an opportunity to see them both in a gallery setting so you can decide which would look best for your situation.

Included in the images is a ped that was a series of pedestals made at the last minute that did not receive a routed channel. Just for comparison purposes.


Matt Isble

I have more than seventeen years of professional development in the area of exhibit design and installation, working for a variety of institutions and private clientele from Carmel California to Portland Oregon. I received my masters degree in Museum Studies with an emphasis in education and interpretation from John F. Kennedy University. In my current capacity at the Crocker Art Museum I direct the exhibition design and work with both the curatorial and education departments to create engaging museum experiences for visitors. Specialties include: Exhibition design, project management, chief preparator, lighting design, volunteer coordination, and facilities management.

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