Using Formable Plastic SUGRU to Enhance Museum Technician Tools

Using Formable Plastic SUGRU to Enhance Museum Technician Tools

Hi Art Preparators, Art Handlers, Art Installers, Museum Technicians, etc…

How do you sink and fill holes in the wall? We use a carriage bolt with 2 nuts on one end. They work great, tried and true. Then one day a guy game me a handful of samples of Sugru, a moldable plastic. Basically once you open the package it begins to set up. Well it was nearly two or even three years later that I had a use for the stuff. Here are a series of pictures for how we added a soft grip to our “sinkers.” If you want to do this at your museum get some Sugru (obviously), scissors, Sinker, and vice grips. Cut open the package, knead the Sugru material, then begin forming it around the sinkers shaft. Some installers have opted to put the Sugru closer to the dimpling end of the bolt, other like it further back and closer to the nuts (as pictured here). It’s a very nice way to enhance the expericen. It really cuts down on finger fatigue when sinking dozens or even hundreds of holes (I’m talking to you art auction). Enjoy!





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