Tom Sachs Film for Preparator Nerds – Love Letter to Plywood

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I think you’ll agree that your are a craftsperson nerd if you like videos like this.  More from the Tom Sachs series of videos we bring you a Love Letter to Plywood.  The way he expresses his adoration is really beautiful, almost intoxicating and it definitely makes me think of all the simple things around the studio I couldn’t live without. Do you have a Love Letter that you’d like to send to a material or product?  Go to the bottom of the page to add your there.  If you have a video, try the Trade Yours link along the top header.  There are a few particularly beautiful shots throughout the film so I took a few screen shots to whet your appetite, in case you were thinking about not hitting the play button.

Love Letter to Plywood Still 3Love Letter to Plywood Still 1Love Letter to Plywood Still 6 Love Letter to Plywood Still 7

NIKECraft : Love Letter to Plywood. By Tom Sachs
NIKECraft : Love Letter to Plywood. By Tom Sachs


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