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One Way to Improve a Security Hardware Tool

Hi All, Have you ever scraped the wall wheel taking a secured painting on or off the wall? Then you have to clean or touch...

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How to Make Custom Forms with Wet Gypsum

This guys is true craftsman. There must be 100 videos about this kind of work, but this one is simple and to the point...

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Public Surplus Resource – Flat Files, Bookshelves, Chairs, Paints, Projectors, Computers, & More

HI All, Just a quick link to a fantastic resource. If you're looking for second-hand supplies the Public Surplus page could be your ticket. We...

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Crate Arrives Broken, What’s Left Inside? Has This Happened to You?

This is a quick, not so, fun article about the everyday disasters. Sometimes we get something like this and all is well inside, sometimes...

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Embellishing with Lichtenberg Wood Burning for Natural Plant-like Formations

Also know as Lichtenberg Figures this process dates back quite a while. I think it would be a nice technique in a natural history...

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