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How to Make A Support Mount for a Bowl

Hi Gang,We can across this nice article (May 9, 2016) about making a support mount for a bowl that we thought you'd be interested in...

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Hide A Cord Can be Busy or Ugly, Why Not Gaff the Crack

Hide a cord has it's place in life and is an essential tool in the technicians toolbox, but it can have add a bit...

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The Battle Between Beautiful Terrazzo Floors and the Casework that Lay Upon it

Imagine pools of wax swooshing around on the floor, moving this way and that, usually in the dead of night so the buffed wax...

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Easy Museum Interactive Using Custom Plastic Puzzle

Hello MT Community, Here's a very basic interactive for your museum: a plastic puzzle using a custom image of the artwork.What we've provided for our...

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Art Packers Hot Glue Gun Caddy on the Go

We had Ship Art International here the other day to crate our Claire Falkenstein and they whipped out this caddy for a 3M industrial...

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