Preparator Culture

Travel to Bojnurd to See How Welding Electrodes are Manufactured

Hi Everyone, I wasn’t looking for this, but I couldn’t stop watching once I found it. It...[Read More]

Portlandia Nails Labels, It’s Time to Label Your Life!

Hi All, Are you guilty of labeling your life? Have you cut vinyl from scraps from work for your flou...[Read More]

The Art of Installation

Four photos; of two museum preparators installing three Duane Hanson figures. The three Hanson sculp...[Read More]

Prep Candy of Instagram

Because sometimes you just need to nerd out! We bring you some of the best MuseumTrade worthy Instag...[Read More]

Flammy and Chip Go Knolling, Are you This Way at Home?

I can’t say that I take it this far at home, but I surely relate to the look in the eyes of Fl...[Read More]

AAagh! Too Many Visitors! Don’t You Wish You Could Close to Clean Up, They Did.

Not much to see here, I just thought it sounded dreamy, having the luxury of closing for 6 months. &...[Read More]

Cy Twombly’s Very Large TREATISE ON THE VEIL Being Installed in Time-Lapse

The time-lapse format is always fun, but I think we can gain insight as well.  If you have an instal...[Read More]

Founding of Industrial Scale Fabrication of Art, Donald Lippincott was a True Pioneer

Large Scale: Lippincott Inc. by Jonathan Lippincott Before Lippincott, Inc. was founded in 1966, art...[Read More]

Mrs. de Menil Installing Art in 1973, One Way of Doing It

Tom Sachs Film for Preparator Nerds-Color

Hello fellow preparator and technician nerds.  Here’s the final in the Tom Sachs series of fil...[Read More]

Tom Sachs Film for Preparator Nerds – Love Letter to Plywood

I think you’ll agree that your are a craftsperson nerd if you like videos like this.  More fro...[Read More]

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