Have a ♥️, Don’t Touch the Art (!)

Locked eyes on this sign as it was hanging in the second floor galleries of the Last Bookstore in Lo...[Read More]

How to Make Custom Forms with Wet Gypsum

This guys is true craftsman. There must be 100 videos about this kind of work, but this one is simpl...[Read More]

Silicone Mold Making, Resin and Foam Casting Tutorials

If you’re ready to get into these types of mold making you’ve probably already watched 1...[Read More]

An Easy Way to Contextualize Height

Here’s a low cost way of adding a photo opportunity (which we know is likely to be shared soci...[Read More]

In Honor of Plywood

We take plywood for granted, but since the 1850’s it has literally shaped contemporary design. ̶...[Read More]

The Battle Between Beautiful Terrazzo Floors and the Casework that Lay Upon it

Imagine pools of wax swooshing around on the floor, moving this way and that, usually in the dead of...[Read More]

Here’s a Test Kit to Determine the Best Adhesive Vinyl for Your Textured Walls

We found this on Fellers.com, but we’re guessing other places sell this as well. If you’...[Read More]

Tom Sachs Film for Preparator Nerds-Color

Hello fellow preparator and technician nerds.  Here’s the final in the Tom Sachs series of fil...[Read More]

Iceland and the Universal Museum

Iceland. By design, many of the hinderances that would keep one from making it all of the way to Ice...[Read More]

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